Grey Honored with 15 Clios

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Grey took home a total of 15 wins at 2024 Clio Awards, including one Grand, representing campaigns across Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and the U.S. The Clio Awards celebrates bold work that helps propel the advertising industry by inspiring a competitive marketplace of ideas among the premier creative community.
Life Extending Stickers (1 Grand, 2 Golds, 3 Silvers, 1 Bronze)

The issue of food waste in supermarkets is widespread, especially with prematurely discarded produce. To address this issue, Grey Colombia worked with the retailer Makro to introduce Life Extending Stickers – stickers that mirror the color progression of each fruit or vegetable’s ripening process, offering cooking suggestions at each stage. The initiative was launched in 22 stores and generated more than 85,000 interactions on social networks, and reached an audience of 264 million through organic articles in more than 25 countries. The campaign has also been honored with 3 Cannes Lions and 9 London International Awards.

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Rain (1 Gold)

In 2022, over 2,600 children were murdered in México. To urge society on both this alarming statistic and to assume a collective responsibility, Grey Mexico and Save the Children created Rain. The 2-minute film presents bullets as rain drops to show how children and adolescents face violence on a daily basis like a storm of bullets, where they need to take shelter to protect their lives. Ultimately, the film urges its viewers to create a place where women are protected and delinquency and organized crime become rejected, instead of idealised.

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Tres (2 Silver)

Grey Mexico and Reinserta, the leading NGO in Mexico that works on the emotional and social recovery of children and adolescents exposed to the criminal justice system, calls on Mexican society to join its fundraising campaign through the short film “III”. The film seeks to shed light on motherhood and living conditions of children in contact with prisons. Donations from the film will be used in the construction of dignified maternity spaces, like the ones Reinserta has built in several prisons, including a new “baby library” in Monterrey, as well as in psychological and legal care programs that seek to guarantee their development inside and outside of prison.

Tres webview
Christmas Always Finds Its Way (1 Silver)

Grey collaborated with Coca-Cola to create the world’s first global multilingual Christmas mini-series. Placed strategically on Amazon Prime Video alongside popular holiday classics, the initiative aimed to provide fresh and engaging content to viewers that enabled Coca-Cola – already famous for its Christmas adverts – to stand out from its peers and respond to the rise of streaming overtaking linear broadcasting. The result was an anthology of festive stories that featured three captivating tales across comedy, drama and romance genres, challenging the traditional Christmas narrative. The campaign reached an extensive audience across 148 countries and 14 languages. The mini-series has been awarded at The Cannes International Festival of Creativity and The One Show.

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411 on ESG (1 Bronze)

Rand Merchant Bank and Grey South Africa partnered together to satirically explore complicated, corporate language in environmental, societal and governance. To attract employees who work in ESG, Rand Merchant Bank and Grey South Africa created an audio-only experience containing subject-specific terminology to parody how jargon centered the conversations are, and juxtaposed its complexity with the clarity of RMB.

411ESG webview
FWD Singing Bus (1 Bronze)

It is difficult and dangerous for blind people in Bangkok to board public buses due to unreliable transit apps not designed for the visually impaired. To help close this accessibility gap and ensure a more equitable public transit experience, GreynJUnited and FWD Insurance created ‘FWD Singing Bus.’ The initiative includes buses that approach bus stops with distinctive songs announcing its route, vetted by tech specialists to ensure easy audibility amongst everyday traffic. FWD Singing Bus is operating on 68 bus lines in Bangkok, using technology to create a safer and more accurate experience for those who are visually impaired.

singingbus webview
Receipts to Keep Fighting (1 Bronze)

A common form of racism in Brazil’s retail environment is the unjust requirement for Black individuals to show receipts when leaving stores, leading to the receipt becoming a symbol of racism itself. In response, Grey Brazil helped University Zumbi dos Palmares, the country’s only institution dedicated to Black inclusion, launch the Racismo Zero programme. The initiative included educating and training employees on how to tackle racism in retail spaces, awarding an ‘anti-racist’ seal to companies with no reported cases, and providing a platform for incident reporting and support, ultimately forging a path towards a more inclusive and equitable future. This effort has been awarded 2 Cannes Lions and major companies like P&G, Cielo, AB-InBev and Carrefour have joined the program.

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Lawyers Should Be Lawyering (1 Bronze)

Law management software company PracticePanther partnered with Grey Midwest to create Lawyers Should Be Lawyering, a film starring Suits Rick Hoffman. The spot shows many versions of Hoffman operating a small, chaotic law firm.  PracticePanther’s software is juxtaposed against the army of Rick Hoffman’s, and the winner is clear: PracticePanther is designed to make lawyers’ day-to-day easier with automated client intake, billing, docketing and contact management using cloud-based technology.

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