Famously Effective at the 2024 Clio Health Awards

2024 Clio Health Awards cover web
Clio Health, founded in 2009, celebrates creativity in the expansive and ever-evolving global health industry, and Grey is proud to announce our 14 global wins in such a paramount category.
Life Extending Stickers (3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze)

To promote sustainability and more responsible consumption, retailer Makro and Grey Colombia launched Life Extending Stickers to extend the lifespan of fruits and vegetables by providing consumers with recipe suggestions based on the level of ripeness, all with a one-inch produce sticker.

“When it comes to communication, sometimes the biggest ideas are the simplest, and in this case, we’ve demonstrated how the analogue, low-tech, small fruit sticker can be repurposed. We live in a country where fruits and vegetables are abundant, but we need to change the behavior around how fruits and vegetables are perceived when they ripen to create a win-win for Makro clients and for the environment,” says Juan Jose Posada, President and Chief Creative Officer of Grey Colombia.

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Let’s Change The Story (3 Silver, 2 Bronze)

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the theater circuit in Buenos Aires partnered with Argentine League Against Cancer (LALCEC) and Grey Argentina to edit the scripts of over 30 shows and demonstrate that, while breast cancer can be a part of any story, timely check-ups can prevent the disease.

“In terms of objectives, this campaign can be understood as a continuation of last year’s multi-awarded campaign The Postponed Day, with the focus once again on the importance of mammography when detecting breast cancer in time. But this year, we decided to focus on the stories that this disease impacts. Today’s statistics show us that breast cancer can become part of any family, any couple, any group of friends, basically any story. Together with LALCEC, we believed it was important to make this visible in a forceful way, and by modifying the scripts of over 30 plays, to show no story exempt.” Hernán Kritzer, Chief Creative Officer of Grey Argentina.

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Pain is Everywhere (1 Silver, 1 Bronze)

Panadol is the leading pain relief brand in the Middle East, and Grey Argentina and Dubai knew communication in this crowded category tended to be generic. Having previously focused on what the moment of release from pain feels like for different people, they understood that calling out the moment of pain could mobilize us, too.

Mariano Favetto and Joaquín Ares, ECDs at Grey shared: “We wanted to transmit the reality of pain, not the artificial advertising caricature. To do this, we found those moments we have all been through and where we have probably let out a rather inappropriate curse word.”

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Rain (1 Bronze)

In 2022, over 2,600 children were murdered in México. To urge society to assume collective responsibility for this alarming issue, Grey Mexico and Save the Children created Rain. The film presents bullets as raindrops to show how children and adolescents face violence on a daily basis, like a storm of bullets. The two urge their viewers to create a place where women are protected and delinquency and organized crime become rejected instead of idealized.

“Inspired by the everyday situations of traditional families, such as playing soccer, learning to drive or watching television, we wanted to show how everyday organized crime families that recruit and exploit children have become,” said Alexis Ospina, Chief Creative Officer of Grey Mexico.

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