Grey Picks Up 14 Pencils at the 2024 D&AD Awards

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This awards season, Grey continues to be filled with gratitude and pride. At the 2024 D&AD Awards, widely considered the world’s most prestigious benchmark for commercial creativity, Grey received a total of 14 pencils honoring our work across the globe in South Asia, Latin America, North America, and the United Kingdom. D&AD pencils represent rigor and integrity - the ingredients needed to bake the most ultimate creative work.
Life Extending Stickers (1 Yellow, 3 Graphite, 1 Wood)

The issue of food waste in supermarkets is widespread, especially with prematurely discarded produce. To address this issue, Grey Colombia worked with the retailer Makro to introduce Life Extending Stickers – stickers that mirror the color progression of each fruit or vegetable’s ripening process, offering cooking suggestions at each stage. The initiative was launched in 22 stores and generated more than 85,000 interactions on social networks and reached an audience of 264 million through organic articles in more than 25 countries. The campaign has also been honored with 3 Cannes Lions and 9 London International and 5 Clio Awards.

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Rain (1 Graphite)

In 2022, over 2,600 children were murdered in México. To urge society on both this alarming statistic and to assume a collective responsibility, Grey Mexico and Save the Children created Rain. The 2-minute film presents bullets as raindrops to show how children and adolescents face violence daily like a storm of bullets, where they need to take shelter to protect their lives. Ultimately, the film urges its viewers to create a place where women are protected and delinquency and organized crime become rejected, instead of idealized. Rain has been honored a gold at the 2024 Clio Awards.

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TV Play (1 Graphite)

Vodafone Ireland showcased the breadth of entertainment available through on TV Play in partnership with Grey London. The genre-hopping, 360-channel campaign begins with a mob family fighting over grab an envelope of cash, then a medieval battlefield, to a futuristic chase scene - ultimately revealing the parallels of movie battles and the classic battle of wrestling for the TV remote with your family.

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Let’s Change the Story (2 Wood)

Every October LALCEC faces the same challenge: how to make the best of the attention window that opens during Breast Cancer Day to alert thousands of Argentinian women to get their annual mammogram done, as it is the best way for early detection, timing issues, and ultimately save their lives. LALCEC and Grey Argentina spotlighted stories that breast cancer impacts every day, using the personal and intimate atmosphere of the theatre stage as a vessel to drive how breast cancer can enter any story. The two worked with writers and producers to intervene 32 scripts of the most popular plays in Buenos Aires.

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Love Squad (1 Wood)

UncleGrey and internet provider Waoo created Love Squad, the solution for people who are tired of their partners spending too much time gaming. Love Squad is a virtual hitman service where frustrated and neglected partners can order an in-game hit on their lovers who have trouble turning off their video game. The campaign humorously puts humanity ahead of technology, noting that quality time away from electronics is essential for a well-rounded life, even with Waoo’s has top-speed internet. The campaign was awarded at the 2024 One Show Awards.

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Singing Bus (1 Wood)

It is difficult and dangerous for blind people in Bangkok to board public buses due to unreliable transit apps not designed for the visually impaired. To help close this accessibility gap and ensure a more equitable public transit experience, GreynJUnited and FWD Insurance created ‘FWD Singing Bus.’ The initiative includes buses that approach bus stops with distinctive songs announcing their route, vetted by tech specialists to ensure easy audibility amongst everyday traffic. FWD Singing Bus is operating on 68 bus lines in Bangkok, using technology to create a safer and more accurate experience for those who are visually impaired. Singing Bus was honored at the 2024 Clio Awards.

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The Most Beautiful Sound (1 Wood)

Grey Health, TANK, and American Society of Clinical Oncology, the world’s leading professional organization for physicians and oncology professionals, teamed up to unveil the first-ever audible sound of cancer cells being destroyed using pioneering technology. One in three people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. To support patients during their treatment journey, The Most Beautiful Sound grants cancer patients a deeper understanding of how their medication or chemotherapy can directly impact cancerous cells. The team worked with researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, including Dr. Conor Evans, PhD, to isolate the sound of breast and lung cancer cells at the precise moment of cellular death. The campaign has received Gold honors at Cannes, ANDY’s, New York Festival, Clio Health, LIA and The One Show Awards.

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