Science Will Win


There are just so many losers when science wins

Highlighting the losers left behind when Science wins

Science is always at battle—against the odds, against the clock, against seemingly unbeatable opponents. But if the pandemic showed us anything, it’s that Science Will Win. And when science wins, it defeats so much more than just that one virus, ailment, or predicament.  It also defeats the surrounding doubts, the hopelessness, the fear, and so much more. It’s time to turn the focus away from the winner, and highlight the losers left behind when Science wins. 


The impact of the SWW campaign to brand and business have been immediate. During the pandemic, the campaign helped drive a decrease in the ratio of science versus anti-science posts by 33%. After the campaign, 40% of American respondents expressed they now had a more favorable view of pharma. In this case, science did win.

55% Respondents more favorable to Pfizer after campaign
66% Increase in Pfizer brand awareness
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