America Gets Stuck on Pringles


Celebrating Snacking’s Most Iconic Problem


After a successful four-year flavor stacking campaign, Pringles decided to turn the page to celebrate the brand’s single and greatest flaw: our can design. It was too narrow, and hands got stuck. In fact, a total of 43% of our consumers admitted to having gotten their hand stuck in our can and they complained about it… a lot. But this one flaw is 100% worth it, so we invited everyone to get stuck in.


Upon its Super Bowl debut, the nation was immediately stuck in. The program created over 2 billion impressions of impact, more than doubling the reach of any previous Pringles Super Bowl campaign. Fans took notice and shared their can hands across social turning our hashtag (#PringlesCanHands) into a trending topic. Even Spotify streams of Lionel Richie’s “Stuck on You” climbed by 38.13%.

Pringles Stuck On Image 1Pringles Stuck On Image 2

By celebrating our greatest design flaw, we transformed our most talked about complaint into our most loved Super Bowl campaign with 96.5% positive sentiment and ultimately, double-digit sales growth for the brand.

“Product design problem, Super Bowl win.”