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A Chat Away From Everything

Banking where you least expect it.

There’s an app for everything. But while the digital revolution has positively touched nearly every part of our lives, in Argentina, only 19% of young people use a banking app. As a people-orientated bank, motivated by the frustrations people had with existing banking apps, Itaú innovated to relieve their clients from the stress of finances.

A Bank Account Worth Chatting About


Rather than asking people to download yet another app, Itaù did something different - bringing banking to a place it hadn’t been seen before, WhatsApp. With 95% of Argentines using WhatsApp every day, Itaú launched Cuenta Chat - the first bank account operated from within the messaging app. And with it being the primary location for people to communicate with friends and family, word soon spread fast, with Cuenta Chat generating over $8.8 million of earned media.

Intelligently, the brand decided to change the rules of engagement and abandon any hopes of getting young Argentinians to download its branded banking app.
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This piece from Argentina stands out for its simplicity and effective idea and also for the humor.
Highlighting how it is possible to use that same familiarity to conduct banking operations.
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Argentinians weren’t just chatting about it, they acted. People opened 1,000,000 new accounts with Itaú during 2021—40% from provinces where Itaú had no physical banks. Itaú saw double-digit increases in key brand attributes, such as perceptions of the brand as innovative, different, and a digital bank. Withdrawing from the path most followed, Itaú can be credited for further democratizing banking - something Argentines will likely always feel in debt for.


Opened accounts during 2021

“Encourage financial inclusion, integrating the bank into the context of the digital life of people already accustomed to using.”
Carolina Belzunce, CMO Itaú Argentina
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