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Ultimate Safety Test- Volvo

Volvo Cars placing sustainability at the heart of its brands.

Opening a new chapter, Volvo Cars is placing sustainability at the heart of its brands, after years pushing its safety credentials. By 2040, it aims to become a fully climate-neutral company across its value chain and by 2030, it plans to become a fully electric car company.

To announce the news, Grey has created the 'Ultimate Safety Test' the ad is devised to reflect the company’s commitment to climate neutrality and electrification.

In the new film, a spokesperson called 'Bjorn' takes viewers on a tour of Volvo’s safety tests over the decades, and then up north to the arctic circle, where he asks whether a 100-foot drop qualifies as the ultimate safety test.

A collapsing glacier provides the answer, interrupting the film with a stark reminder that the biggest threat to our safety isn’t on the road. Today, climate change is the ultimate safety test.