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The People's Seat

A new physical seat at the UN, giving a voice to the world's people regarding our planet's future.

The UN reported that we have 12 years before climate damage is irreversible. With next to no budget, we had to make the world pay attention to one of the biggest decisions being made about our planet’s future, at a crucial UN summit that was in danger of being ignored. At this crucial time, we needed to create a movement that would give the world’s people a voice on this all important decision.

We created The People’s Seat. A new physical seat at the UN, representing the world’s people rather than a nation or a specific interest. This seat would give people the opportunity to share their views and opinions with World Leaders at moments in which important decisions that impact legislation are being made.

The People’s Address is a speech written by the people, crafted from their voice and raw testimonials, crowdsourced through our hashtag #TakeYourSeat – delivered at UN conferences where The People’s Seat is present. We created a launch video in which Sir David Attenborough invites people to use #TakeYourSeat to have their voice heard, distributed across UN social channels and by a global network of influencers.