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S.H.E removes the bias out of search for more accurate representation, giving women’s achievements the visibility, they deserve

It was time for the brand that stands for hair transformations to give people a tool that has the power to transform the world around them. Search engines play a very powerful role in shaping the opinions of society, impacting the way we think and behave.

The problem is cultural stereotypes have taught search engines to become biased. That’s why Pantene created S.H.E, a browser extension that transforms the way we search, by removing the bias. By using S.H.E anyone can influence Google’s relevance algorithm, giving women’s transformation the visibility they deserve.

S.H.E was launched as an open initiation to society to take the bias out of search, sparking a broad discussion. Ariana Huffington wrote “See what the future looks like” and even Google released a statement saying, “We share the concern about this and will continue to work to improve results.” Together we can help change our search behavior on a global scale. Because we believe great change is powered by the small actions we take every day.