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Carlsberg Adopt A keg

Adopt a keg

The effect of the COVID lockdown on beer sales was sudden and dramatic. While off-trade sales rose, the on-trade was wiped-out overnight, threatening the viability of many venues.  Carlsberg in particular suffered a 6.8% decline in sales during the first quarter of 2020 as a result of bar closures globally. The brand desperately needed a way to mitigate the sales loss in the short-term when most consumers were in lockdown, while helping to secure the long-term health of the brand. Solution:  Introducing, Adopt a Keg – a way to fill your very own keg with the beer you’re drinking at home and help bars come back stronger.  A film launched the campaign, supported by a social media strategy to drive awareness and participation. In-store collateral also helped drive conversion at point of purchase.  Central to the campaign that ran across Australia, Singapore, Denmark, and Malaysia, was the Adopt a Keg online platform. This simple web-app enabled consumers to bank, redeem and  share beers from their very own kegs, to be enjoyed at any participating venue. People signed up to create a virtual keg, which they filled by scanning labels of shop bought Carlsberg, with a limit of one added per day. Once four beers were scanned the full keg could be redeemed for two draft beers in bars or restaurants once they re-opened. By requiring purchase at off-trade outlets to be redeemed on-trade, Adopt a Keg connected Carlsberg’s ecosystem, encouraging consumption at home during lockdown, and driving people to visit to bars and restaurants once lockdown is lifted.