Volvo, Human Made Stories

Two short films tell the stories of human innovation, defiant pioneers, and triumph over tragedy. 

People are at the core of everything Volvo does, from this, they derive their perspective on innovation; that it isn’t technology that moves the world forward, it is people. Innovations are nothing without the power and passion of people. Human Made Stories focuses on the people that are pioneering innovations out of a passion for improving lives and benefitting the world around them. Music of the Mind explores the power that music can have on expressing emotions when a professor gives a paralysed musician the opportunity to play once again.

It's a true story about a remarkable woman who, with the aid of technology, is learning to play music (and compose music in real time) using only the power of her mind. One of her actual musical pieces can be heard as part of the score in this film. When she is live on stage, in front of an audience, she is just using the power of thought to send real-time musical instruction to a surrogate violinist, and this is what you can hear. The first part of the track needed to entice the viewer, while the last part needed to convey Rosie's emotional transformation through his incredible technology. This is a story of innovation that was only made possible through the power of human passion.