Sky Airline, Low Cost Zone

We turned the Chilean embassy into the cheapest place to shop in Argentina‚ÄĒespecially for airline tickets.¬†

Recently, Argentineans noticed that shopping in Chile is cheaper than in their own country. Tourism media are now talking about this fact as a new trend that has become part of Argentinian pop culture. SKY Airline took notice and recognized this insight as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with their Argentinian consumers. SKY Airline is a Low Cost Airline and its consumers are chasing offers to go shopping to Santiago, Chile on a daily bases. The SKY Low Cost Zone was created as a specific location, a place where Argentinians could buy tickets at the low Chilean prices. This location would have to be Chilean territory, but accessible without ever leaving Argentina. Crazy? Not really, since the Chilean Embassy in Argentina is legally Chilean territory. SKY decided to use technology to convert the embassy into the cheapest place to buy tickets to Chile in Argentina. They tracked the perimeter of the Chilean Embassy in Buenos Aires with Beacon technology, that sent notifications to the nearby smartphones when they were close to the embassy. As they got closer, their phones guided them through GPS, showing the route to the embassy in real time. Once inside the “Chilean” territory, those desirable Chilean prices kicked in, making not only the shopping cheaper in Chile but also the flying.