Popsicle Elections

Political polls based on ice cream sales.

The 2018 presidential election in Costa Rica became the most disputed election in the history of our country with the struggle between a conservative and a liberal candidate. People were eager to have any information that would help them make a decision, but the Supreme Electoral Court is relentless in their laws. Precisely, the president of this Court launched a reminder a few weeks before, that the law prohibits political polls the week before the elections. To keep voters informed during the closest elections in our country’s history, the ice cream shop Los Paleteros launched THE POPSICLE ELECTIONS: political polls based on ice cream sales. We created two popsicles: same flavor, same size, but one with the colors of the Liberal party and the other one with the colors of the Conservative party. In real time, and through our social media, we published the results in sales from each store. Thanks to the data we were getting, we were able to adjust the messages to invite people to change the results if they were not favorable to their party, therefore increasing the sales even more. For example, in an area called "Cartago", where the majority were Liberal, we noticed that the Conservative popsicle was selling way better, so we redirected the message to change that result through their purchases.

We were the only ones doing polls during the week before the presidential elections and by releasing the sales data, we allowed people to have control over the results in real time.