Miles For the People

If the air tickets were bought with public money, the miles belong to the people.

Every week, almost 600 congressmen travel from their cities to the Brazilian capital. Almost 5,000 trips per month. 15 million dollars a year. But if the tickets were paid for with public money, the miles belong to the people. However, they are not for anyone; only for those who really need to fly but cannot afford to. People with real travel needs for reasons regarding health, culture, sport and education.

For the politicians to return their miles, we went after them. The subject spread like wildfire. It hit the headlines of Primetime News. Dozens of politicians published on social media that they would return their miles. Two congresswomen introduced a bill to the National Congress and to the other 600 members of Congress. The result was overwhelming: Miles for the People is forcing profound changes to the law, to ensure that from now on, airline miles accumulated with public money will revert back for the population to use.