Blu Radio, The Game that Never Was

To commemorate a Colombian soccer match canceled by tragedy, we created a radio program to fill the void.

Chapecoense is a local Brazilian team that went from playing in second division to qualifying to the South American Cup Finals. Sadly on their way to Colombia to play the most important game in their history their plane crashed. Everyone on the team died, and the important game of their careers, the 2016 South American Cup Finals, was never played. One year later Blu Radio, one of the most important sports broadcasters in Colombia which was scheduled to cover the game, decided to pay them a heartfelt tribute by reconstructing the game and helping them compete in the finals with the game that never happened. This is a full audio reconstruction of what the game could have been. Blu Radio created the 90 minute recording by using over 800 audio fragments from the most memorable matches played by Chapecoense in the past 10 years. These audio fragments were edited together along with interactions from Nacional (rival team) to create one seamless game: The Game That Never Was. It was aired on Blu Radio on a nationwide scale to over 2,900,000 at the exact same time and date that the finals were scheduled to be played the year prior, paying a sincere tribute to the players who lost their lives.