My Skin. My Way.

Gillette Venus

It’s Time to Care (For Your Pubic Hair)

That's how we do

Music to Your Pubes


Since the dawn of time, pubic hair has been the outcast of the hair family. Unlike locks, brows and lashes, the long-running stigma around the pubic area wasn’t just stifling conversation around it – it was leaving owners unsure of how and where to seek education on its care. We partnered with the iconic Princess Nokia to shine a light on this injustice, serve up some solutions and help the masses #SAYPUBIC once and for all.

Gillette Venus and Princess Nokia Talk Proper Self Care with Another Adorable Singing Pube
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Gillette Venus Drops an Encore to Its Viral Pube Song, Partnering with Princess Nokia to Inspire You to #SayPubic
Rapper Princess Nokia Joins the Brand’s Singing Pube Searching for Acceptance

The Evolution of an Icon


Once upon a time, Venus let the women’s shaving category with its iconic leggy look and feel. But as the world was changing and a new era was approaching, it became clear the beauty standing we’d built our success on was growing increasingly outdated. It was time to embrace a new kind of beauty that was truly reflective of our consumers and their stories. As a result, My Skin. My Way. Was born – a campaign fight society’s skin biases head on and shifting a culture of skin shaming into skin loving.

“This evolution redefined the brand – it sustained growth and shifted a culture of skin shaming into skin loving. Just call it the re-birth of Venus.”
Gillette Venus