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Handle with Care

Time Magazine Invention of the Year

Our population of 85+ is expected to increase from 6 to 18 million. With over 40,000,000 Americans acting as caregivers and 24 hours a week spent on daily assistance and grooming a loved one, that number is expected to rise.

In over 100 years of razor innovation, over 4,000 razors designed to shave yourself. There have been 0 razors designed with the intent to shave someone else.

The Best a Man Can Get


Partnering with experts in Gillette Innovation and Research & Design, Grey helped engineer a razor specifically designed to improve assisted shaving. It launched in conjunction with a hero launch campaign to immediate international acclaim as a breakthrough product.

The Gillette Treo was soon honoured as a Time Magazine Invention of the Year.


The world-first Gillette Treo included three major design advancements. First was ergonomics: the Gillette Treo moved away from an inward facing stick handle to an outward-facing divot. Second was hygiene: a high quality blade that could be dispensed to minimise infection. The third was mobility: a built-in lubrication handle meant no more worrying about making difficult trips to the sink.

The Gillette Treo was distributed directly to caregivers, care homes, and hospitals across the U.S. and U.K.

Gillette Treo razors are affordable and can greatly improve caregivers’ workloads and provide a better shave for the recipient.
Treo is an example of inclusive design at its best–and it originated from feedback Gillette began to hear from its users.
Time Magazine
Gillette’s Treo is engineered for caregivers to shave men who can’t shave themselves. It handles like a paintbrush, making it easier for to give a careful shave.
“This new design is the answer to a single question: ‘How can we help?’”
Madhusudan Gopalan, Managing Director, Gillette India