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Emancipation Loan

Powerful, independent and free.

In Peru, machismo reigns supreme. Women are expected to fulfill their roles as a mother and stay-at-home wife, before considering their own dreams. And with every single bank in Peru requiring both the husband and wife to sign for a loan, women face a cultural roadblock to a life of independence. Where others accepted and reinforced that status-quo, Mibanco decided to break national banking policies and take on the country’s patriarchal mindset - giving women a chance to pursue their aspirations.

16.8 million Women,
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When Mibanco discovered that more women were paying back their loans and building up savings than men, they wanted to make a stand and empower those that had previously been denied financial liberty. The Emancipation Loan, removed the need for a second signature from a woman’s husband in order to access lines of credit, enabling women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, without asking for permission. Achieving 45 million media impressions, and an online conversation with almost 2 million interactions, including voices of influencers and opinion leaders - Mibanco called for other banks to sign on the dotted line and join them in empowering Pervian women across the country.

Mercado negro
The Emancipation Loan, the Mibanco initiative that benefited 140,000 Peruvian microenterprises.
“Mibanco launches ‘The Emancipation Loan’ to boost the dreams of Peruvian women.”
Gloria Montenegro, Former Minister for Women
“I congratulate Mibanco’s initiative to promote financial independence for women.”
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Most importantly, Mibanco gave women a chance at a better future. And with this new opportunity, a year-on-year increase of 80% in the number of women entering the banking system was seen. And while Mibanco started 2022 with less than 16% of female customers receiving credit loans, by May 2022 this jumped to over 49%. Finally, and best of all, Mibanco flipped the gender gap, from 52% of our customers being male to 53% being female. Female empowerment, signed, sealed, delivered.


Women asking for loans

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Value of loans granted


Million media impressions

“In a world where there are so many explicit and implicit rules on how women should show or feel about their skin, skin-inclusivity and positive representation matters,”
Anthony Van Dijk, Senior brand director of Venus North America.
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