Scientifically Accurate and Culturally Valuable


At Grey Health & Wellness, this mantra is our mission. Our global community of doers and thinkers craft wonderful brand ideas and experiences rooted in deep scientific insights. We also tap into and shape culture to enrich the lives of patients, healthcare professionals, and caregivers. It’s like substance and style. Why settle for one when you deserve both?

Creativity that connects across the globe. Experiences that enrich lives.

Whether we’re talking HCP or consumer, our borderless, networked model of 30+ creative studios is supremely devoted to health and wellness. We partner with brands of all sizes across hundreds of health categories, driven to improving people’s lives with bold, wonderful ideas.

We’re in the Zone Across Time Zones

In the world of Health & Wellness, tomorrow’s challenges demand more than yesterday’s answers. We need better, faster ways to help improve health outcomes. That’s why Grey Health & Wellness is designed to evolve and customize solutions for every situation in every time zone.

Our worldwide roster of talent is always ready to partner with you to create ideas that make a difference. That make you stop and think. That help save lives.

Our Capabilities

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Integrated Strategy

We dig deeper to take brands further. Our medical, digital, and social engagement is housed under a singular model to drive effectiveness, efficiency, and lasting impact for every one of our brands.

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Wonderful Creativity

Every single brand, regardless of scope or regulations, can make something wonderful. Our audiences demand it and the world of health and wellness needs it. So we roll up our sleeves and scribble in our notebooks until we create famously effective ideas that bring the wonder.

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Data, Research, and Analytics

The more we know, the better experiences we can craft. With microtargeting, machine learning, and precise KPI measurement, we can create an ideal brand journey for every customer.

Launch Excellence
Launch Excellence

We know what it takes to launch brands. Our combination of insights, inspiration, and expertise is the rocket fuel that elevates brands from preclinical agents to preeminent blockbusters.

Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions

There’s no one answer for every brand. That’s why we merge the best of creativity, integrated strategy, and data to develop ideas that make brands famously effective.

Omnichannel and Social
Omnichannel and Social

Brands must inform and delight at every audience touchpoint. Each day we guide millions of eyes and ears to meaningful experiences and answers when and where they need it.

Engaging HCPs
Engaging HCPs

With years of experience in the healthcare industry, we've developed proven strategies to connect with HCPs in meaningful ways. From crafting compelling messaging and developing impactful digital campaigns to creating dynamic events and educational programs, our team is equipped to help you build relationships with HCPs that drive results.

At Grey, famously effective work is the rule, not the exception.