The Greatest Interception Ever


Getting mileage from other car commercials

How can a small car company get more attention than bigger, richer competitors during the Super Bowl? Easy they steal it. By staging the greatest interception ever on the biggest media day of the year, Volvo stole media attention from behemoth competitors by dominating second-screen conversation. This colossal Twitter takeover put Volvo in the spotlight and proved that a small brand truly can outsmart category giants.


The Interception was simple. Every time another car brand ran a commercial during the Super Bowl, viewers would get a chance to win a Volvo for someone they love. All they had to do was tweet a name to Volvo.

When Mercedes, Lexus and other car competitors spent $60 million dollars in Super Bowl ads, people flocked to Twitter to participate in the social giveaway. And just like that, the millions of dollars worth of car commercials turned into a social conversation about Volvo.

ideas-Greatest Inception-3-images 2.pngideas-Greatest Inception-3-images 1.pngVolvoImage.jpg

By intercepting other car commercials, Volvo was able to shift the Superbowl conversation from one loud :30 roar to an ongoing conversation about Volvo that lasted the entire game with up to 2000 tweets per minute.

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“Volvo ambushes conversation with Interception campaign”
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