Exchanging Your Warm Beer for Our Beer


Beer Swap

We took advantage of the constant power outages and offered to change people's warm beer for an ice-cold Grapefruit Brahma.

Paraguay is one of the hottest countries in the world, and during the summer, the insufficient power grid combined with the high demand, leads to constant power outages. In that suffocating context, Brahma launched “Grapefruit Brahma”, a flavored beer specially designed to refresh in that heat.

But soon after launching it Brahma discovered people preferred to stick to their classic beer instead of trying something new. Besides that, everybody had a strong prejudice against flavored beers which made the situation even worse. Although they tried promos and lowering prices, the product was not selling.

To solve this business problem, Grey Argentina devised a creative solution. We realized that every time the power goes out, everyone's favorite beer heats up and transforms into a warm and disgusting liquid. The ideal scenario for people to finally try Brahma’s flavored beer.

Warm Beer VS. Cold Beer.


With all this context in mind, Brahma offered people to change their warm beers for ice-cold Grapefruit Brahmas, all for free.

They opened a 24/7 hotline where everyone could order their Beer Swap, and to implement the deliveries a system with an entire vehicle fleet ready to take the Grapefruit Brahmas to people's homes was created. Every area where the power went down (30 neighborhoods) became a Beer Swap area where no matter what beer people had bought before, everyone ended up drinking a surprisingly tasty Grapefruit Brahma, really cold.

La Nación Paraguay Newspaper
“If the power goes out, Brahma sends you cold beer for free.”
Radio Exclusiva, 103.7 FM
“A spectacular promo by Brahma.”
C9N News
“Brahma helps consumers not to suffer from the extreme heat.”
Beer Swap Image 2

In just two weeks, all the product that was stocked in our warehouses - that nobody wanted to try - was sold out.

The sampling was the most effective in Paraguay’s history.

We tore down Paraguayan’s prejudice against flavored beers once and for all.


Surpassed our sampling goal


Social buzz Vs. Brand Benchmark

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Orders from our retailers

“This idea cleverly helps us solve a business problem, but also continues to consistently build our brand positioning.”
Bruno Yuli, Marketing Director of Cervepar AB InBev