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States United, Unload Your 401k

Most people don’t know their 401k invests in guns, so we made sure they found out – then gave them the tools they needed to divest.

Americans feel powerless against the gun violence problem in their own country. Their politicians have failed them and gun companies have been fueling gun lobbyists even more, halting common sense gun laws from being passed. States United to Prevent Gun Violence (SUPGV) knew they had to go after the gun money for anything to change. When they started looking for where the money comes from, they found it in one of the most unlikely places. 51 million Americans retirement plans, also known as 401k plans, are invested in gun manufacturers and they don’t even know it.

To bring this surprising discovery into perspective, we brought in relatives of real people affected by gun violence to reveal the fact that they had money invested in the guns that caused their own tragedies. From Tom Mauser, who lost his son in the Columbine mass shooting, to Carlos Soto, who’s sister was killed shielding her students at Sandy Hook Elementary. This took place on the 15th anniversary of Columbine in April just before the yearly NRA gun lobby conference. Unlike public opinion campaigns in the past, this campaign actually offers a solution - a way to divest if you don’t want to have your own money invested in gun companies. allows all Americans to find out if they are investing in guns and provides simple instructions of how to get their money out. UnloadYour401k is a grassroots initiative fueled by more than 20 activist organizations.