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SoundCloud, The Berlin Wall of Sound 

A visual and aural memorial to the Berlin Wall, created by reenacting its shape and sounds in waveform.

SoundCloud, the world’s leading social audio platform for electronic music, wanted to remember the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, because the headquarter of SoundCloud is located on the former site of the Berlin Wall. The objective was to give the young post-Wall generation an experience of the tragic events during the decades of the Berlin Wall. With the name "Berlin Wall of Sound" it was not only an audio track, but a Trojan horse giving the audience an unexpected experience: not electronic music but an acoustical reconstruction of the Berlin Wall. The audio includes orginal political propaganda, border guard voices and automatic weapon shooting sprees, embedded in ultra-low frequencies to create a feeling of discomfort. Typical for SoundCloud is that you see the sound wave form of the music, not so typical is that the soundwave was an architectural reflection of the wall itself. The core idea was to create an audio track with the sound and shape exactly mirroring the Berlin Wall and its history. The length of the audio file was 7:32 minutes, the exact amount of time it takes for sound to travel the 155 km wall. In addition we digitally tagged the timeline of the Berlin Wall of Sound with portraits of the 107 victims of the Berlin Wall.