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Nature Represented

For the first time, the natural world in Ecuador got its own legal rights with almost 4,000 pro bono lawyers on board.

The legal systems of the world treat species and ecosystems as OBJECTS and PROPERTY, leading to an economy coupled with the destruction of nature. To counteract this, a new Constitution was approved in Ecuador. This constitution became the first in the world to recognize the rights of ecosystems to exist, persist, regenerate and evolve. However, multinational companies continue to challenge the new laws to push for the fracking, drilling and mining of Ecuador and the planet´s ecosystems. Sambito, an Ecuadorian environmental solutions organization, targeted local and international lawyers through a partnership with Ecuador's Bar Association and invited them to allocate their pro-bono hours to the Nature Represented platform. This army of lawyers were then able to choose from hundreds of ecosystems and species that needed protection. Today, Ecuador has become a massive contributor to the United Nations Global Sustainability Development Goals, in areas inluding marine protection, reduction of deforestation and CO2 emissions. 3850 lawyers have donaed more than $202 million worth of pro-bono hours.