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Fly WIth Us

In Argentina, there were no low-cost airlines until Flybondi arrived in 2018.

FlyBondi is the first low cost airline to operate in Argentina. But the airline isn’t the only thing that is low cost: its advertising budget, too. But we also discovered that Congressmen have 20 plane tickets a month each with a value per ticket far above Flybondi’s fares, tickets that can be given to assistants, other family members or even be exchanged for money.

We targeted the 329 Congressmen the day they were discussing the National Budget and invited them through fixed and moving billboards to switch to Flybondi and save up to 50% of their travelling expenses. We also contacted every single Congressman via Twitter. Thanks to earned PR and the relevance of our proposal, not only did we reach those 329 Congressmen, we also got the attention of millions of Argentinians. Flybondi became the 3rd airline in terms of spontaneous awareness in 2018.

The conversation became so big that after Flybondi’s campaign, a draft bill was pushed to stop ticket exchange.