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FitBit, Find Your Reason

Stories of getting fit for a bigger, better reason than vanity.

The wearables category is a sea of sameness that is wrought with superficiality. The dominant creative convention is the energetic montage of attractive people being active while wearing sleek devices that track their success. It paints a picture of fitness that is skin deep and as a result, leaves the public with false, unattainable expectations. Fitbit wanted to counter the artifice of the wearables category by embracing the complexity of fitness and getting real about helping people find solutions. Everyone has a reason that moves them forward and to champion this insight, FitBit told unexpected true docu-style stories of individuals who found their reason and worked to improve themselves, while showing how Fitbit worked as a catalyst throughout each transformation. This series wasn’t another fleeting promise of motivation, but rather, a source of inspiration for the world to identify and pursue a purpose bigger than themselves. Fitness is determined by purpose; we know our purpose, we feel motivated, capable, and focused on what we're working toward. FitBit is not just a gadget that counts your steps, it's a companion and tool that helps you find your reason and use it to move yourself forward.