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Coca-Cola, Friendly Bars

Replacing harsh safety bars with decorative ones, Coca-Cola helped create a sense of safety in a tough neighborhood.

Life isn´t always easy in the neighborhoods of Lima, Peru. The crime rates are the highest in the country. Shops have put up protective bars reminding people of the dangers and unfortunately, have fueled even more crime. These bars limit the buyer's experience and create a feeling of isolation and fear. How could Coke reverse this situation in the neighborhoods and change the shopping experience?

New bars called "Friendly Bars" were customized with optimistic designs to transform the intimidating bars into a new communication channel for the brand. This perfectly matched the brand values of optimism and social uplift, plus provided a benefit of more easily accessible product. Overall, the Friendly Bars delivered a more positive feeling the community and better shopper experience. This campaign was produced and changed the image across different districts of Peru and mainly in Chorrillos, the district where the crime rate is the highest. 49% of people reached by the new media believe that the neighborhood is improving while fear and the sensation of insecurity is dropping.