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A Sign from Saint Florian

Three religions join their forces to save people’s lives

People don’t listen to educational campaigns saying that their need to change their habits. But there is an exception. They listen to the religious mentors, like priests.

Poland is a religious country, where more than 80% people confirm to be a catholic or orthodox believer. During traditional pastoral visits priests give away pictures of different saints to guard their homes from evil and threats.

This year priests of 3 religions – Catholic , Orthodox and Muslim – gave away pictures of Saint Florian, the patron of chimney sweeps. The picture of saint Florian was an interactive leaflet that helped to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning. To see how it works you need to place it on a vent inlet. If it sticks, your vent works correctly, if it doesn’t you need to call for help.

During the campaign we reached a huge number of people and increased their awareness and sensitivity to taking care of ventilation system in their homes and we distributed over 30 million of instructions. The campaign was actively supported by three different religions - catholic, Orthodox and Muslim. Chimney Sweeps communicated the campaign on their website and during their cyclic visits at people’s homes. The campaign obtained the honorary patronage of National Public Health Institute.