Crafted in the Clouds

Angel Soft

The only toilet paper company in the clouds.

A bespoke animated environment. From the ground up.

Angel Soft toilet paper, and the iconic Angel Baby logo, have been a mainstay in the category for decades. But the toilet paper aisle is a complicated place, and the brand needed help breaking through. So we reimagined Angel for a contemporary audience, by creating a custom 3D environment and world designed to communicate the brand promise of “Soft. Strong. And Simple.”

A brand new Angel. A heavenly new world.

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Angel Soft Toilet Paper Debuts Animatic Universe and Brand New Identity
Angel Soft Toilet Paper Debuts Animatic Universe and Brand New Identity
Agency News You Need to Know This Week: Angel Soft Gets Animated
Angel Soft Media Breaker

An entirely bespoke 3D world—with plenty of room to play


Angel and her crew are a smash hit with consumers—performing above average on benchmarks for likability as well as having the highest brand linkage of any campaign in all of Angel Soft’s history. And if that wasn’t enough, the campaign helped kick off growth in household penetration, which had been flat for the past two years.

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“This charming new brand world and character brings the highly recognized on-pack Angel Baby to life, giving the brand an ownable personality with entertainment value. I look forward to building on this platform for many years to come.”
Angel Soft Toilet Paper