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Super Bowl 50 (you read that right; the NFL is doing away with Roman numerals for next year’s game) is only 51 weeks away, and whether you’re thinking of advertising in what would have been Super Bowl L (now you see why they switched to 50, right?) or looking to achieve greater results from your current marketing efforts, here is our take on nine winning strategies fielded by the advertisers in last Sunday’s game.

Nine Famously Effective Strategies


The before and after is just as important as the main event

Super Bowl doesn’t just happen on the Super Bowl anymore. Smart brands are leveraging their investment in the weeks preceding and following the game. Advertisers who pre-announced and previewed their Super Bowl advertisements online benefited from higher levels of post-game conversations.


Tap into new consumer behaviors created by social media

There were 28.4 million tweets around Super Bowl XLIX. Half the fun of watching the ads became reading the conversations they created.

  • Doritos®

    Another form of conversation that has emerged is brands having a dialogue with consumers, not just about their products, but about events as they unfold (in the brand voice).

  • We hope you found this quick look at winning strategies entertaining and illuminating. If you’re not already using some of these strategies, let’s talk about putting them to work for your brand. Thanks for reading.